This morning the sun tip-toed thru my window and woke me with a kiss to my cheek. His fingers, invisible liquid warmth, ran over me as he hinted of the day’s blessings.

The walls became thick magnificent light. The floor was a golden pool, my eyes were moist in his brilliance. He led me outside, oh so gently.
He wrapped himself around me and squeezed until his warmth filled me. As I looked around I saw that the world lusted for him. He smiled and flirted, spilling more of himself thru the clouds, touching all that he could see. I was a sponge, soaking him in until he leaked from me.
I wanted to protect this moment. I wanted to harvest him in a basket so I could have forever-access to him. I wanted to cover myself in a blanket of him when the world was unloving and I wanted to give away pieces of him to souls who had been chilled.
I rejoiced in this life-giving energy. I walked with him thru swaying corn stalks. I sat in warm, open fields and watched white and yellow weeds dance with him, I saw trees reach out to him. I saw his reflection in running streams and I watched him create shadows on dirt roads.
I wiped his dew from my forehead as he winked and pulled himself slowly back into the heavens. Soon only small pieces of him remained peeking thru autumn’s clouds. I closed my eyes and could smell his fingers on the world, and I thought to myself…”Good girl, Morning. I would’ve married him too”.
Even after all this time