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Concerning Public Potties, What’s In Our Britches – And A Little Science Too

Everybody seems to have an unusual, and sort of creepy, obsession about people’s bathroom habits lately. So let’s clear up a few misunderstandings about how people “do their business” when they are away from the privacy and safety of their own homes.  Continue reading “Concerning Public Potties, What’s In Our Britches – And A Little Science Too”

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Gone With the Wind: Ghost Towns of Georgia

Ghost towns pepper the South with history and legend. Some have vanished because no railroad showed up. Some dissolved when the gold left the creek bed. Others were burnt, buried or drowned. The skeletal remains of some can still be found, hiding from the map, sleeping quietly between Southern highways and byways.  Continue reading “Gone With the Wind: Ghost Towns of Georgia”

Rattle the world until the windows shake

Maulana Rumi said “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” His words were inspiring in the Persian Empire and they remain so today.

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Memorial Day, Atom Bombs and A Little History Lesson

Memorial Day is upon us and Conservatives are actually bashing our President for speaking out against the horrors of war at his Peace Talk at Hiroshima. The lies and misinformation are already spreading like an atomic mushroom cloud, and it’s atrocious.  Continue reading “Memorial Day, Atom Bombs and A Little History Lesson”

Homemade Honeysuckle Jelly

Continue reading “Homemade Honeysuckle Jelly”

Earth Day: Because Tomorrow Matters

Together, we can literally make all the difference in the world.

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6 Non-toxic Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Happiness is Homemade – and the secret ingredient is love.

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Wild worlds
Haunt her mind
Sacred ramblings in cave art
Carved totems in stone
Silent explosions of windy spirits
Tease her and taunt her
And remind her
Of what she used to know
Of what she used to be Continue reading “Wild Worlds. {Poem}”

Where I come from

A note about me…


I grew up down the back roads of the rural south in a little spot called Bay Minette, Alabama. I am named after my Grandmother and I act a whole lot like my Mother. Continue reading “Where I come from”

Why Columbus Day is a profanity and should be wiped from our calendar

We Americans love a good holiday, especially if we can take a day off of work, barbecue something and raise a flag for the occasion. And we have many great and fine holidays that are worth our celebration, however, Columbus Day ain’t one of ‘em. Continue reading “Why Columbus Day is a profanity and should be wiped from our calendar”

How I Learned to Save Myself from Boredom

Growing up, “Bored” was an ugly word in my house.

If my good Mama ever heard the phrase “I’m bored” come out of my mouth, she would take great offense. Usually, she’d respond with something like, “Well, there’s no such thing as bored, there are only boring people. So you must be boring.”

Of course, I’d take offense at that and would generally poke out my bottom lip, puff up my scrawny chest and go find something to occupy my time. I’m sure, in her great wisdom, she knew exactly how I’d respond.

I’m also pretty sure that as soon as I stomped off, she’d let a quiet smile slip across her face….

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Today the world grieves – an alternative perspective

Today truly marks the anniversary of a tragic event in our history. In fact this day marks the beginning of a series of terrible and tragic events for humanity as a whole. This day has altered the course of history and will have lasting effects for the rest of our lifetimes. Continue reading “Today the world grieves – an alternative perspective”

Good Morning Sunshine Thoughts

This morning the sun tip-toed thru my window and woke me with a kiss to my cheek. His fingers, invisible liquid warmth, ran over me as he hinted of the day’s blessings.

Continue reading “Good Morning Sunshine Thoughts”

All I need of Heaven {Poem}

Continue reading “All I need of Heaven {Poem}”

Concerning my Mother – things I don’t want to not say

So much Facebook, so little time

I scrolled through my Facebook news feed this evening for the first time in over a week. I wasn’t away due to a purposeful boycott, nor a New Year’s resolution, we have simply had rainy yucky weather, and out here in the country that means bad internet service. Continue reading “So much Facebook, so little time”

10 things no one ever told you about Santa Claus

The Santa Claus that we know and love has undergone some radical changes and answered to many aliases throughout the years. He was born everywhere and nowhere, and has become an amalgam of various cultures, traditions, character traits and ideals. Following is a detailed look into some of his lesser-known history – with a glimpse into his grand evolution from Paganism to Commercialism. Continue reading “10 things no one ever told you about Santa Claus”

Notes from a wayfaring Alabamian

From the Cumberland Plateau to the Appalachian valley, through the eroded lowlands of the Piedmont, into the Coastal Plain to the warm Gulf waters – Alabama runs through my veins. Childhood memories of bare feet in the Perdido River, shady days under the strong arms of live oak trees, and twisty breezes through moss-laden cypress have been the ties that bind my heart to the sweet Southland. Continue reading “Notes from a wayfaring Alabamian”

Ode to my garden {Poem}

The garden grows

With dirty toes

Bright red shoulders

And crispy nose

Continue reading “Ode to my garden {Poem}”

Snowed-Out-Atlanta: How one woman brought a big city back to it’s small town roots

Photo by Stacia Kartsonis – “Avalyn”

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100 not-so-good things to do if you want to be a successful homesteader

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Turkey Tidbits: Is it a wattle a snood or a dewbill?

Regardless of how you will be celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s a relatively safe assumption that at some point you will be relaxing and enjoying the company of friends or family. Whether you will be stuffing yourself full of a turkey dinner or choosing to emancipate one on your family’s behalf, a little bit of Turkey Trivia will come in handy for your Thanksgiving gathering.

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